Entertainment critic, movie producer and NDC sympathizer Ola Michael and actress  Xandy Kamel clashed at the premises of Peace Peace FM, with the latter trying to prove to Ghanaians that the movie producer wasn’t truthful with his comment made sometime back which claims he has slept with lot of actresses.

In an interview on “Go online ” with Sammy Kay, Xandy vehemently denied ever being in an amorous relationship with Ola Michael and any industry person.

In an attempt to prove that Ola Michael was just bragging about hisstatement, Xandy in her usual jovial way wanted to hold Ola Michael‘s manhood to see whether an erection might take place to prove whether he is potent or impotent but the movie producer had to ran away from her to prevent what could have being another Wisa Greid.

Watch video below:



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