King Oscar Doe to Sponsor Collaboration between top 3 “S” musicians In Ghana featuring top 3 Artiste from Nigerian has sighted a post made on the instagram page of business mogul and President & Executive Chairman of Doscar Group Holdings, Eurotour Gh & Eurotour Logistics, Mr. Oscar Yao Doe (HRH COLOURFUL OSCAR YAO DOE) .

In the post it reads:

If truly this string is pulled by the multimillionaire then definitely history will be made. There has been seeming tension between these artistes in their countries thus Sarkodie and Shatta Wale from Ghana and Wizkid and Davido from Nigeria and their fan base for sometime now hence a collaboration between them or a concert to put them on one stage will be an incredible feat.

We can only wish and hope this post from KING OSCAR materializes so that peace will prevail at both camps and especially that of the Ghanaian artistes since 2020 is an election year for Ghana and many Ghanaians will want to see a strong signal of peace from these phenomenal artistes to sound a word of caution to politicians that peace is what we need before and after the election.

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