Video: Most of those who criticize you have nothing to offer-Okay FM’s Abena Moet

“My mum once told me Boobs can be sucked unlike butts” these are the words from Abena Moet of Okay 101.7 FM.

In an interview with Sammy Kay on the Go online show, Abena Moet who beliefs in the “if you have it, flaunt it” principle justified why she is not perturbed with a small butt. Speaking on the issue, she claims she’s snatched men from ladies with big butt and continue by saying if a man is really into a lady, looks does not matter hence a resolve to stay authentic and true to her personality.

Answering questions on how she handles criticism from the public , Abena Moet told Sammy Kay that she has realized that most of the people who criticize have nothing to offer.

Narrating how she ended up in the media, the former snapchat freak, said her antics and brashness during the early days of snapchat miraculously got her the work she finds herself in now.

The producer of United Showbiz on UTV, touched and shared her opinion on topical entertainment issues as well.

Watch Video Below:


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