I am 100% Ghanaian from Dabala – Oscar Yao Doe clarifies

The dust have been settled and clarity have been brought to many people who have question the nationality of Businessman Oscar Yao Doe.

In an article received by sammykaymedia.com from the businessman, ‘HRH’ clarified his Nationality as a full Ghanaian when one Prince Opoku Agyemang on facebook wondered why a Nigerian like him would meddle in the affairs of Ghana.

Listing his contribution and many other achievement, the businessman has indeed manage to live a low key life.

Read full post below: 

My response to Prince Opoku Agyemang on Facebook who thought I was a Nigerian commenting on Ghana’s affairs,,, see below:

I am 100% Ghanaian from Dabala, grew up in Koforidua, I have my company Branches in Nigeria, Cote D’ivoire,Ghana and France,,, I am proud to build many schools in Ghana, I am proud to support more than 200 Ghanaians to university,, I have no regret to support Akufo Addo and family Financially because it was the right thing to do,,, I got additional royal titles in Nigeria because of my contribution to art and culture, Fashion, and Philanthropic works,,, I am the game changer for Teshie royal orphanage in 2013,,, since 2012 my Salary in Cote D’ivoire takes care of the Bassam Orphanage in Abidjan,,, in 2003 I singlehandedly erected streetlights from Choice junction at new weija Accra and spread in that area because I was having a villa there,,, I received music pillar award in 2017 because of my support to Ghanaian musicians since 2001,,, I have been around way back,,, except I managed to stay low key even though my activities and my unique personality are well known to most Ghanaians including the media,,, for past 15 years the media in Ghana, Nigeria and Cote D’ivoire have tried to profile my achievements and personality but I have not done so yet because in my heart I am aware I have not yet arrived,not yet,,, trust me my expectations for what can be achieved in Ghana is very high,,, I live a very high standard life,,, 2017 before Tony Blair arrived in Ghana to visit Akufo Addo I noticed some part of Jubilee house needed attention so I quickly I arrange and renovated the security entrance in the main building, the banquet hall,,, and the dining room and provided new curtains I paid for all this work from my pocket,,, and also during the visit of Danish Queen to Ghana 23-25 November 2017 I flown all the way from Lagos to displayed most of my master piece arts collection at the entrance of conference center , I did this for Ghana because the organisers found out she was an art lover,,, I can provide a list of things I have done quietly for Ghana,,, this are all well documented actions for love of country,,, #HRHOSCARDOE


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