Video:”Salma Mumin foundation is not just an organization but my duty…”

“Salma Mumin foundation is not just an organization but my duty…..” these are the words of beautiful actress Salma Mumin as she lunched her foundation on Friday, 10th January, 2020 at the Marriott Hotel, Accra.

In delivering her speech, the entrepreneur made it known to the public she comes from the Upper West region of Ghana and growing up in Wa she noticed there were very deprived children in communities who had no hope for the future.

It is in this regard that the Salma Mumin foundation has taken this bold step to add up to the many good initiative by various organisations and government to alleviate the poverty in deprived communities through Feeding programs and health care policies.

The focus of the foundation is to provide good education and health for the well-being of the future in deprived communities. Continuing from the Salma feed project which has already fed 500 Street children in Jamestown in 2018, Children numbering over 600 in Wa in the Upper West Region of Ghana on 15th January, 2020 will have a feel and care of Salma Feed project. Donations of Foodstuffs will be given to 2 schools namely CHEGLI PRIMARY SCHOOL and KPERISI LA PRIMARY SCHOOL all in Wa.

She called on corporate Ghana for partnership and collaborations to better lives.

Watch video below:

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