Businessman, HRH Oscar Yao Doe quizzes the Parliament of Ghana through an Open letter..

Questions has been asked to ascertain whether there isn’t anything like abuse of power in the directive given by President Akuffo Addo through his Communication director to the Special Prosecutor to investigate government officials who were involved in the Airbus Bribery scandal between 2009 to 2015.

Respected Businessman, Oscar Yao Doe has written an open letter addressed to the majority and minority leaders of the Parliament of Ghana on his instagram handle to seek clear answers to four questions posed on the constitutional mandate and the operations of the Special Prosecutor.

As sighted by, the philanthropist in his concluding remarks after he posed his questions, stated that  investigation of bribery should not be seen as a clear witch hunt or a smear campaign against anyone since it can derail the future political discourse in the country and also dent the credibility of the office of the special prosecutor.

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Open Letter to Ghana's Parliament: Attention: Majority and Minority Leaders! Question no 1: what does the law says in the Special Prosecutor Bill ? Does the law allow any seating president both now and future to use His or Her office to ask the Special Prosecutor Office to Announce An Investigation Against His or Her Political Opponent?. Question 2: If it's permitted by the Law Creating the Special Prosecutor Bill to Allow a Seating or a future President's to ask for an investigation against any political opponent then that's okay, at least we can adjust and live with it till the end of time knowing that any future president can use the Special Prosecutor Office to Smear His or Her Political Opponent. Question 3: If it's prohibited in the Special Prosecutor Bill that a seating or future President cannot Influence an investigation against any political opponents through the Special Prosecutor Office? what is the remedy and the consequence if or when that occurred? Do we have any law in that Bill or any law in Parliament that deal with that kind of situation in regards to Abuse of Power. Question 4: Elsewhere such an Abuse by Any Executive President is an Impeachable Offence and constitute a Removal from Office.a lot of speculation going on about the Airbus saga can the Parliament invite or summons the Special Prosecutor Hon Martin Amidu to Clarify. Conclusion: Investigation of Bribery must not be seen as pure witch-hunt or a mere smear campaign against anyone because that in itself is more dangerous and problematic for our future political discourse, which could damage the credibility and the image of the Special Prosecutor Office. Politicians always take advantage of situation so therefore it's in our collective interest to set the best precedent to guide against abuse of power.

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