Has Martin Amidu been truthful, fair and honest in the discharge of his duty? – Oscar Yao Doe querries

Businessman, Oscar Yao Doe is not relenting on his continuous submission on issues relating to Ghana. He has once again shared his opinion on the office of Ghana’s first Special Prosecutor.

As sighted by sammykaymedia.com on his instagram handle, the businessman questioned Martin Amidu’s office and also opined that the expectations of Ghanaians have been dashed since Martin Amidu has not been effective in dealing with corruption cases.

He also alluded to the fact that there is no public confidence in the Special Prosecutor’s office hence the need for that office to be abolish to save the public purse.

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Ghana's painful story: Once opun a time in this day 11th January 2018 Ghanaians were in a jubilant mood, the excitement can be felt across the Country Because of the good news? The good news was that the self proclaimed citizen vigilante Honourable Martin A.B.K AMIDU has been appointed the long awaited Special Prosecutor. So the question is? does it worth the Tax payer funding? What was the main aim at creating the Special Prosecutor office? Is it to score Political points? Or using the office to pleased every seating Presidents in the future to carry out their personal political witch-hunts of investigations? Or to protect public Purse? Which is Which! We should be careful not to set a dangerous precedent which could become catastrophic for our justice system. Has Martin Amidu performed well? Has he been truthful, fair and honest in the discharge of his duty? After 2 years in office Ghanaians are surprised about the SP silent on many corrupt activities going on in the "OPEN" with Government Machinery and it Appointees. Most people are saying the Special Prosecutor Office has become "REDUNDANT" no more relevant Because it has lost "Public Confidence" and that it should be abolished immediately to "Protect Public Purse". Most Ghanaians no longer have faith in the Special Prosecutor's Office. I personally agree totally with this overwhelming Public sentiment. I do.

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