“Where are the genuine protectors of mother Ghana? ”- HRH Oscar Doe queries

HRH Yao Doe in yet another post on his instagram page has chastised the Akuffo Addo’s administration.

He queried “where are the genuine protectors of mother Ghana “.

As sighted by sammykaymedia.com, the businessman described elements within this present administration as dishonest characters, full of empty headed degrees.

He raised concerns about the moral capacity of Ghana’s Deputy Attorney General, Godfred Dame’s impetus to investigate corruption.

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Where Are The GENUINE PROTECTORS OF MOTHER GHANA? ZERO. Under the Akufo Addo's Administration,There are many state crafted dishonest characters full of empty headed degrees holders most of them got their degree through Government scholarships and yet they don't do nothing special in return for the Country, they are only capable of selective JUSTICE with state Resources, THEY ALSO ENJOY FREE FREE GOVERNMENT BEES ,,, blatant Abuse of Power. The Deputy Attorney General & Minister of Justice said they have written to the Serious Fraud Office in UK for more information to Investigate The Illusion of Airbus Fiction? The QUESTION? Does Hon Godfred Yeboah Dame has the moral capital to investigate "BRIBERY"? IF he believes so, Then I challenge him to look straight into the Cameras and Swear to The Bible, Quran or Any Other and SAY BOLDLY: I HONOURABLE GODFRED YEBOAH DAME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE I HAVE NEVER TAKEN "BRIBE" OR "KICKBACK" FROM ANYONE OR FROM ANY TRANSACTION BEFORE? If he complete the Above, Then God in Heaven shall grant him the moral Authority to carryout his assignment on the Airbus Fiction. This is the Same Dep.Attorney General who sees nothing wrong about the "THEFT" of Huge sums of Gold, Excavators, Cars,Etc by The Akufo Addo's Appointees.WE ARE SETTING A DANGEROUS PRECEDENT FOR THE FUTURE. EVERY AKUFO ADDO'S APPOINTEE NOW BIGGER THAN THE LAWS OF GHANA AND ARE ABOVE FAIR JUSTICE.

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