Corona virus has brought back the value of humanity back to earth again-HRH Oscar Yao Doe

Corona virus has indeed proven to be a reality check on humanity. The adverse effect of this pandemic is shaking families, nations and the world at large. In as much as wealth is the ability to fully experience life, all of a sudden, the luxurious things which sometimes necessitate hatred, jealousy  and envy in societies does not matter now due to Covid-19.

In view of this, philanthropist and businessman HRH Oscar Yao Doe, has posted on his instagram handle why he feels the value of humanity is back on earth due to the corona virus and why basic essential such as food, medicine, water, electricity , transport  e.t.c matters most.

He made recommendation for the collective good of all moving forward as a people on the globe. Amongst them includes avoidance of wickedness, abuse of power, selective justice , vindictiveness and so on and rather be kind, compassionate , empathetic , caring, helpful, e.t.c.

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“The Value Of Humanity is Back on Earth Again, Thanks To The Lessons Of Coronavirus (Convid-19) And All The Illusionary Luxury Things Humanity Was Beginning To “Place More Value On” Than Human Lives Are All In Isolation, And Not What Matters Most As Many People Thought, Which Was Creating Unnecessary Jealousy, Envy and Hatred Among Society.

Luxury Things Are Great Stuff, If You Can Afford It There Is Nothing Wrong About It. If You Can Afford It Please Go For It, It’s Also Part Of Humanity Inspiration, But It’s Not What Matters Most. The Basic Essentials Matters Most.

See What Matters Most: Food, Medicine, Water, Electricity, Transport, Caring, Empathy, Compassion, Outreach, Giving, Comforting One Another Genuinely.

Coronavirus (Convid-19) Is Definitely a Global Reset Button For Our Collective Good.


Avoid Wickedness.

Avoid Abuse Of Power.

Avoid Selective Justice.

Avoid Abuse of Using Wealth To Hurt Others.

Avoid Unnecessary Litigation.

Avoid Using Your Privileges to Hurt Others.

Avoid Tearing Down Others.

Avoid Jealousy & Petty Envy.

Avoid Vindictiveness.

Be Kind.

Be Compassionate.

Be Empathetic.

Be Caring.

Be Helpful.

Be a Problem Solver.

It Should Be Unconditionally Done For Our Collective Good.

Stay Safe.

God Bless You.”

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