“Our leaders are struggling to make decisions to protect future generation” – HRH Oscar Doe

Ghanaian businessman, Oscar Yao Doe in a post on his instagram handle has outlined four key points where he raised questions about the conduct of Ghana’s  Electoral Commission admist the Covid-19 pandemic.

The businessman queried by asking how many people here in Ghana own valid passport for it to be use as one of the criteria’s to get your name on the new voters register.

He advised leadership to do the right thing and also urged Parliamentarians to act fairly for history because Ghana deserves better.

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The Controversial New Voter Registration: Coronavirus (Covid-19) LESSONS: Ghana is going through a very disheartening times because of Coronavirus Implications,yet some of our leaders are struggling to make decisions to protect future generation. Putting the debate of either to use new or old voter Register Aside. We are told by EC that in case the new voter Register go ahead the criteria for Registration is strictly Passport and NIA Card. My 1st point: how many Ghanaians has Valid passport till date? I don't think it could exceed 3 Million Ghanaians? from all indications it's obvious it could take National Identification Authority up to Another 5 Years to Cover Between 70-80% of Ghanaians, It's not an exercise that can be rush through easily, it's impossible. 2nd point: how many Ghanaians are in a position to Afford passport Comfortably? Are we saying the Koko seller, Kose or kelewele seller, etc. Whose entire business capital is about 200-300 Ghs, managing his or her own ala ala small small hand to mouth Business to feed family can afford the cost of passport? 3rd point: Are we saying those less privileged poor and the Vulnerable in Society are no longer Ghanaians? Are we saying birth certificate or been born a Ghanaian does not make Someone a Ghanaian enough to vote? 4th point: Is it Because those In-charge are near retirement so they are determine to make decisions that just keep them Afloat in power? and leave the youth and most importantly upcoming generation Behind? To start all over Again? We are setting a Bad Precedent. Let's Do the Right Thing. It's up to Parliamentarians to Act Fairly For HISTORY. Ghana Deserves The Best.

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