Photos:Prez Akufo-Addo abandons 190 Bekwai Hospital project almost completed by John Mahama – HRH Oscar Doe

“Something doesn’t add up” these are words from businessman, Oscar Yao Doe when he published a post on his instagram handle. He criticized  President Akufo Addo for abandoning multiple hospitals projects built with public funds for public use for more than 3 years in the name of “Investigation Audit”.

The businessman stated that a 190 bed Bekwai hospital project started by former President John Mahama has been abandoned by the current government and the facility is being taken over by weeds and also at the mercy of “reptiles, insects, rodents and other  creatures”.

He stated government projects such as  ‘1D1F, Planting For Food And Jobs (PFJ) Ghana Food Buffer Stock, Medical Drones, 1 Million Dollars Per Every Constituency that are  all missing In action to help  the people  when It’s needed most in this Covid-19 period. Indeed something doesn’t add up.

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190 Bed Bekwai Hospital Project Abandoned: When President Akufo Addo Turned Some People Into Praised Singing Choristers, When The Emotional Effects of Lockdown Was Beginning To Take A Toll On Many People, The President Through Lockdown Announcements Printed Posters & Placards,Telling People He Really Cares About People's Healthcare, Really??? And The People Went Into Jubilation And Sang Along In Worship Of The Posters & Placards That Says "He Can't Bring People Back To Life ,But He Can Bring The Economy Back"? A Quote Copied From The Houston Chronicle News In America. Meanwhile The Same Akufo Addo Has Abandoned Multiple Hospitals Projects Built With Public Funds For Public Use For More Than 3 Years In The Name Of "Investigation Audit" In The Eyes Of The Same Praise Singing Choristers? Blindfolded, Can You Imagine? How Can Posters And Placards Saved Lives? NO. Only Hospitals And Physicians Can.Then Off Course When God Decides To Grant Miraculous Healing. The People of Bekwai in the Ashanti Region Will Have to Wait For a Long Time to Attend 190 Beds Modern Government Hospital In Their Town Built By John Caring Dramani Compassionate Mahama, As The Akufo-Addo Government Has Abandoned The Health Facility Which Was Almost Completed Under Mahama's Supervision. Now The Impressive Project Has Been Taken Over by Weeds, Reptiles, Insects, Rodents And Other Creatures, Progress Have Stalled Following The Exit of The John Mahama Administration. During This Critical Moment Of Coronavirus Pandemic: 1D1F, Planting For Food And Jobs (PFJ) Ghana Food Buffer Stock, Medical Drones, 1 Million Dollars Per Every Constituency Are All Missing In Action To Help The People When It's Needed Most. Something Doesn't Add Up.

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Below are the photos of the abandoned Bekwai hospital

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