“We Prefer NDC President,We Voted For Change, Parliamentary Majority is Secondary” – HRH Oscar Doe

Ghanaian businessman, Oscar Yao Doe has urged all sympathisers of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to ignore the propagandist assertions being advanced that they would form the majority caucus in the 8th parliament under the 4th Republic.

In a post sighted by sammykaymedia.com, the businessman said, no one cares about who forms the majority in the next parliament but rather many Ghanaians voted for John Mahama and not President Akufo Addo therefore the NDC should not be distracted by that gimmick to be swayed away from the main goal which is to get the correct outcome of the presidential results.

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I His Royal Highness The Most Colourful And Well Decorated Oscar Yao Doe, Urges All NDC Supporters And Sympathisers Both Home And Abroad To Ignored The Propaganda Brainwashed Of Parliamentary Majority,,, Who Cares ? It’s A Non Starter. We Voted For President John Mahama And Not Corrupt Akufo Addo’s Family And Friends Government And That’s Where Our Focus Is. We Didn’t Sacrificed For The Usual Selfish Parliamentarians Whom Are Known To Compromised Their Position Easily For Their Selfish Gain. Agyapa Sakawa Royalties Deal Was Approved In Parliament By NPP Majority, So What’s The Big Deal About The Empty Noise Making Parliamentary Majority? They Should Give Us A Break. It’s Just A Mere Tricks By The NPP To Play On The Emotions Of NDC Supporters To Distract Them From The Main Goal, Which Is The Outcome Of The Presidential Results. Parliamentary Majority Is A Secondary Matter. We Are Not Dumped. We Prefer NDC President Without A Single Parliamentary Seat. Our Eyes Is On What Matters Most For Ghana. The Change We Voted For.

First Step:
Corrupt EC Chair Jean Mensa Must Resign Immediately To Avert Boiling Public Anger And Also Pave The Way For Proper Election Audit Reconciliation Process To Take Place.

Second Step:
Mainstream Media Must Retract Their Dubious Election Results Projections Which Is Now Obvious The Figures Were Collected From The NP Corruption Haven Election Headquarters , And Then Leave The Burden Of Announcing President Elect On The Electoral Commission Alone. This Is The Only Way Massive Protest Can Be Avoided. Peaceful Protest Is Loading.


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