The Chief Executive Officer of defunct UT Bank, Captain Prince Kofi Amoabeng (Rtd) has disclosed that his divorced from his wife contributed in the success of his bank.

During an interview on JoyPrime TV monitored by sammykaymedia.com, Captain Amoabeng stated that moving from the military to entrepreneurship was difficult and challenging at the beginning.

But asserted that the separation from his wife was the turning point and breakthrough point for him.

He explained that the divorce ‘luckily’ gave him the luxury of time to focus on his business, which eventually led to his success in building his business empire.

He stated … “Because I didn’t have the family burden, I could even devote more of every time I had to build the company. Yeah because when my kids were home, naturally you’ll come and play with them, you listen to their problems, you try to solve their problems at school, school issues, but all these things ‘luckily’, and I say luckily in inverted commas, my wife took them away”.

However, he admitted that his business took him away from his family, creating a disconnect between himself and his children; a situation he feels disappointed about.

He further asserted he is not going to establish a new financial institution by stating that… “When it comes to banking, I am not trying to re-establish myself. I am not young and I am grateful for what God has used me for. I have touched so many lives, … I have changed the world around me and that is what we are supposed to do,”

Mr Amoabeng has recently publis a book titled: ‘The UT Story: Humble Beginnings’.

He was the co-founder of UT Bank which collapsed in 2017 during Ghana’s banking sector cleanup.

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