GHANA! Are we sleeping on Camidoh? He is our next Ghanaian global music star …

I have been wondering why talented Ghanaian musician, Camidoh real name Raphael Kofi Attachie hasn’t become a household name yet in the Ghanaian music space.

Are we as Ghanaians sleeping on this music gem? I chanced on his recently released single titled “Sugar Cane” on an instagram post made by SammyKay Media and quickly, i had to go on YouTube to watch and listen to the full song, “Goodness me” i had goosebumps. I said to myself this guy has got an immensed and impeccable music prowess.

The song has been on replay since then, and as i listened to the song, i started asking myself why has “Midoh Pon d’ting” not gotten the general public acceptance yet,
this is based on his numbers and followings on his social media handles.

Camidoh is a great talent Ghana can easily market alongside the big names we have in the music industry to attain the international recognition we are always craving for.

As Ghanaians we shouldn’t make “the man suffer to find our love”.

Fast forward, i once again sighted a post made by 3Music Boss, Baba Sadiq where he stated that … “Clearly Ghana is high on the agenda of alot of global media, music and entertainment companies this year and it is increasingly looks like our staas holiday makers spot in the last few years is about to drive something else for us.”

He followed up by disclosing that from all the conversations or meetings he’s been having with some of his international friends and colleagues in industry, there seem to be a massive expectation that the next global music stars to come from Africa must/should come from Ghana, but he’s asked, who should/would that be?

My straight answer to that question is Camidoh is the next Ghanaian global music star.

The quality of this guy’s lyrical composition and melodies is top notch, anybody who doubts this assertion should track back to some of his songs released over the few years such as “Maria”, “For my lover”, “Dance with you” and several others will give you the picture of the quality Camidoh has, as a musician.

It is high time Ghanaians put up our Patriotic caps and come together to push our artiste who come out with good music just like what Camidoh and the likes do.

He has put in much work in his craft and music, it is just right for us to stream
“Sugar Cane” on all the online streaming platforms to push and encourage him to continue to churn out good music.

“Sugar Cane” is a danceable tune and has ticked all the boxes for what good music is made up of, if you doubt, just click the below and listen.

Source: anonymous writer

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