Video: Cryme Officer disobeyed me, so I terminated his contract – Ogidi Brown spits

Speaking to circumstances that led to the termination of contract between OGB music and Cryme Officer during an interview with Sammy Kay on the Go online show, Boss of the label, Ogidi Brown has revealed extensively reasons for the contract termination.

Ogidi Brown stated that the contract was a 5 years agreement between the label and the artiste but due to the contractural breaches from their artiste he had to terminate the contract.

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Ogidi Brown requires payments as he terminates contract with Cryme Officer

Sighting past experiences as a basis for his action, Ogidi Brown said he could not fanthom why his artiste could go live on facebook to warn him of leaving the label if he continues his back and forth with Fameye.

The manager cum musician added that the action put out by his artiste amounts to disloyalty and disobedience hence the need to do the needful by not reliving the past.

He however expressed his regret by showing remorse of the viral video that he threatened killing Fameye and his son through the deity “Antoa” if the latter fails to pay back his money.

Watch video below:

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