Video: Years of been a lesbian & I was asked to sacrifice my brother because … – King Benny tells it all

Anti – LGBT advocate, Bernice Nketia Hammond Ngoah popularly known as King Benny has shared her 10 years experience of being a lesbian and the negative impact associated with the act.

Speaking in an interview with Sammy Kay, on the Go online show, King Benny revealed that she started practising Lesbianism at the age of 15 during Senior High School and went on with the act through to tertiary and after her tertiary education.

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She disclosed that lesbianism and occultism are juxtaposed at some point when you grow and gain the needed experience in practise.

According to the actress, she was asked to make a sacrifice with her brother in exchange for fame and money, which she declined and refused to oblige, a major turning point for her to put a stop to this ‘evil’ act, therefore decided to take the bull by the horn and made a confession to her parents and asked for forgiveness for what she has been doing behind their back.

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King Benny revealed that there are a lot of Ghanaian celebrities indulged in the lesbianism act and are propagating the acceptance of the LGBT community in Ghana, hence the need for serious education in the Senior High School to enlighten the students of the dire negative consequences of the act.

The 29 years old lady, added that the practice of lesbianism causes a lot of infections to the genitals and the spiritual implication also associated with it, is very negative hence advised the youth not to be deceived and lured into the act of lesbianism either for money, convenience and fame.

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