Audio: My mother killed my father to have his properties – Big Akwes reveals

Kumawood actor, Big Akwes has given a chilling account on how his own mother murdered his father spiritually.

In an audio sighted by, the actor narrated in a radio interview how her mother conspired with a native doctor to have his father killed spiritually because of his property.

The actor stated during the interview “My mother killed my father and took all his properties that is why I left home. When life started for me, I wanted to be like my father who was into the Pharmacy business but circumstances led me into acting.”

Big Akwes revealed that his mother together with the driver of his father at the time planned to have his father killed so they can have his assets and truly, they stucked to their plan and ended up killing his father.

According to the controversial actor, his father was into pharmacuticals and had finished building a house at a different location and his father visited the property with his mother and told her of his intention to turn part of the house into a hospital but his mum was displeased with that.

He said his mother discussed it with their driver who took her to Nzema to see the fetish priest to kill his father in spirit so she gets to take the property.

He added that his father started vomitting blood and became very sick but his mother did to take him to the hospital after mounting pressure on and kept him in a locked room.

He stated that he went out of the house to get a Doctor but upon his return, his mother had locked the gate so he asked the Doctor to leave.

His narrative explained that his father stayed indoors for several days until he died a miserable death and what saddened him the most was that when his father died, he was sent to the burial grounds in the boot of a taxi, the sad end a man who had wealth and was living his life in riches but was reduced to nothing.

Listen to full audio below:

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