Video: Moesha nearly committed suicide as she hit the street to preach

Born again Christian, Moesha Bodoung has given a chilling account of how she used to live as a celebrity.

In a video sighted by, the curvaceous Maurecia, was saved by a group of young men on top of a building when she tried to commit suicide just some few weeks after she gave her live to Christ.

Sharing her experience and evangelising to the people gathered around her, Moesha revealed that men take their glory by sleeping with them and in exchange for peanuts.

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She revealed that her past life which depicted happiness and joy on social media were all false, she explained that she wasn’t a happy child when she was flaunting her pictures travelling all over the world.

Feeling her pain and regret for her past life, Moesha disclosed that she thought dating married men and someone’s dad was cool but it was very worthless.

She rendered an unqualify apology to Ghanaians and especially the young girls she introduced to men as way of helping them to survive in a very difficult economy here in Ghana and asked God’s forgiveness of all her sins.

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The actress further revealed that after her encounter with the holy spirit, she’s been through a lot, therefore she had wanted to take her life since giving your life to Christ is not as easy as people think especially with all the challenges in there.

She however admonished those gathered around her to give their life to Christ because if you have God, you have everything.

Watch video below:

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