Video: Lovers got stuck whilst having sex in Lake Bosomtwe

Two lovers got stuck together after suffering “penis captivus” whilst having sex in the sacred Lake Bosomtwe in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

‘Penis Captivus’ is an occurence during sexual intercourse when the muscles in the female organ clamp down on the male organ much more firmly than usual making it impossible for it to be withdrawn from the female organ.

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Well, as unreal and sceptical it may sound, it happens and two Ghanaian lovers in a video sighted by, could be seen screaming for help as they both experienced unbearable pain when they got stuck whilst having sex in the Lake Bosomtwe.

One could attribute these lovers predicament to the traditional taboos associated with the lake which do not condone sexual indecency and promiscuity.

The two lovers were covered with a cloth as they both were ushered out from the lake by some young men and women.

Watch video below:

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