Akufo Addo , Bawumia Administration must stop lying to Ghanaians – HRH Oscar Doe

Businessman Oscar Yao Doe has once again chastised the government for its continuous deception to Ghanaians.

On his instagram page, the businessman lamented on how the government has painted the economy as if it was riding on the moon with heavily built iron wings but the three to four week of lock down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has badly exposed the cracks in our system.

He said the truth matters hence government should be factual and truthful with their information to enable citizens adjust quickly.

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Greetings. I Hope The Difference From 14th April To 25th April Should Serve As The Last Lesson For The Akufo Addo-Bawumia Administration To Stop Lying To Ghanainans. Now It's Very Easy Based On Their Own Deeds And Actions To Elevate The Current NPP Government From Lying Machine (1000Km Per Hour) To An Industrial Heavy-Duty Equipment Producing Lies And Deception On Industrial Scale, Which Has Never Been Seen Before In Any Of The Past Ghana's Political Administration. Other Examples Of Deception Was The Huge Trumpet Of Music Noise About The Extraordinary Success Of Planting For Food And Jobs (PFJ) Which Was No Show During 3 Weeks Lockdown. The Agric Minister's Attempt To Dilute The Truth Even Cost Him Huge Public Embarrassment. The Ghana Food Buffer Stock Hyped By Dr Bawumia Also Couldn't Help To Feed The Affected Areas In Ghana During Lockdown Especially When Food Was Needed Most.1D1F Also Was Itself Lockdown, Non Of Those Companies Were Able To Produce Any Meaningful Items To Support The Fight Against Covid-19. Thankfully Some Of The Textile Companies Set-up During President J.A Kufuor Inspired Initiative The African Growth Opportunities Act (AGOA) In 2007 Came To The Rescue With Production Of Locally Manufactured Face Mask,Hospital Gowns,Etc. Ayekoo To Them. Ayekoo To J A Kufuor. Because I Wrote To Question The Contribution Of The Medical Drones, So Government Immediately Announced That The Drones Are Now Going To Transport Covid19 Blood Samples? So What Stopped This Same Drones From Transporting Blood Samples Earlier When Testing & Contact Tracing Started In March 2020? Anyway It's The Best We Want For Ghana. One Village One Dam (1V1D) Was Earlier Caught To Be An Ordinary Dugout. Before This Moment Ghana's Economy Was Projected As If It Was Riding On The Moon With Heavily Built Iron Wings??? Just 3-4 Weeks Of Lockdown Reality, The Hyped Has Proven To Be Mere Virtual Art Movie ( A Fiction )The Truth Matters. Stop Lies In Times Of Crisis, Please Provide 💯 The Bitter Truth Information To The Public""The Public Can Adjust Quickly And Handle The Truth "" Joe Biden USA.

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