Here’s Why Kanye West Is The Winner Of The Facebook & Instagram Crash

Kanye West’s music seemed to be the ultimate successor of social media’s recent crash.

On Monday, both Facebook, Instagram and What’s App were down, leaving billions of people without access to their platforms on Mark Zuckerburg’s sites.

Twitter creator Jack Dorsey took advantage of his competitors shortcomings by taking to his app to troll the social sites. He used a track from Kanye West’s latest album Donda to poke fun at his rivals’ challenging day, tweeting out the Soundcloud link to Ye’s “Off The Grid”, featuring Fivio Foreign and Playboi Carti.

The tweet came shortly after Jack jokingly responded to a tweet claiming that Facebook’s domain was up for sale — to which he responded, “how much”.

While posting the link to Kanye’s track, Dorsey stayed true to Twitter’s trolling nature, captioning the shady tweet:

“Wow this blew up. Here’s a link to my SoundCloud.”

“Off The Grid” already garnered several streams after Kanye released his highly anticipated tenth studio album back in August. But thanks to Dorsey, the Soundcloud link to the track currently has over 3.5 million plays. Fans quickly flooded the comments under the link, adding more fuel to social beef fire. Many listeners joked “Jack from Twitter brought me here,” while another added “I’m just here for the facebook outage.”

Dorsey has never been shy about expressing his respect for Kanye and his creative process. Back in August, before Donda was officially released, the Twitter CEO shared:

“And…this is unlikely and maybe against the creative process…but it would be incredible if @kanyewest put out #DONDA as it is now and continued to update it until he feels it’s ‘finished,’” he tweeted on August 8. “So we can all witness the work evolve in real time.”

Kanye has yet to speak out on the trolling or the social media crash, but his streams are surely reaping the benefits.


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