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A latrine man is far better than an assemblyman and MP in Ghana – Hon Kennedy Agyapong

MP for Assin , Hon Kennedy Agyapong has made some revelations about the lifestyle of some MPs in Ghana.

Speaking with the host of Ghana Nti morning on Kfm tv, Ephyia Stard Edna, he mentioned that, MPs haven’t been able to play their roles and responsibilities due them in the country because they are challenged to do what is not their call like sponsoring of fees , attending funerals, events, weddings etc, even though they earn little.

According to him, Ghanaians are the same people who have turned politicians into corrupt persons because we have all turned into beggars and until we end that, we can’t turn things around.

He said, MPs work hard but ain’t acknowledged but with the little thing that goes wrong, they are insulted and trolled you as if they are nobody.

Adding to that, the maverick politician said people can be inconsiderate at times forgetting MPs equally have families too, and stated that he sometimes pity some of them (MPs). He continued by saying, in Ghana, if you don’t have something that gives you money apart from what you earn as a politician, it will be very difficult to survive.

When asked why some persons still go ahead to contest for seats, he answered that, some of them don’t believe it is difficult and involves a lot of spending than earning until they come to experience it themselves.

He mentioned that, former deputy Trade and Industry Minister , Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah wouldn’t have resigned easily after disobeying the coronavirus self-isolation measures after testing positive for the virus, If he didn’t have other businesses that brings him money.

He noted that, even latrine man are better off than Assemblymen and MPs because, even though people do not regard them, there is no way someone will insult a latrine man on the street because they are afraid the will pour on them whatever they have in the bin but MPs do not have anything to pay people back when insulted and disrespected because at the end of the day, they will plead for their votes.

Talking about Assemblymen, he said they are the worst of them all because they hardly earn anything at the end of the day.

Source: Ephyia Stard Edna

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