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“I was a fool and senseless person when i was a landguard” – Abass Sariki

Ghana’s Youth President and Real Estate Developer, Abass Sariki has given himself a description of his past. He indicated that he can describe himself as a “fool” and “senseless person” during the time he was involved in landguardism.

In an interview with Sammy Kay on the Go online show, Abass said that when he reflects on his past, he gives thanks to God.

According to him, if God was not on his side, he would have been dead. This was at the time he was a landguard. He said he is now grown and urge those in the act to desist from the causing problems. Especially at the various land sites.

Abass Sariki
Abass Sariki

Abass Sariki giving advise to landguards, asserted that it is better to leave a risky job. Than to die foolishly in the risky job. Hence, the need for all landguards to find themselves a sustainable job just like he is doing now.

He however revealed that, his biggest regret as a landguard was the fact that he was not able to help people. And also accomplished all the good things he intended to do for people he loved.

That notwithstanding, he admitted every job comes with his own challenges. Therefore it is understandable for people to have issues with him especially with the kind of job he used to do.

Watch full interview below:

Source: sammykaymedia.com

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