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Video: “I didn’t think carefully, ….. I’m sorry” – Abeiku Santana apologizes to Pizzaman’s CEO

Renowned Ghanaian media personality, Abeiku Santana has apologized to the CEO of Pizzaman. He apologized over comments he made about the sentence of two employees who were caught stealing chicken and cooking oil.

The Okay Fm presenter expressed his regret over his harsh words and the impact his words might have had on Pizzaman’s business.

During his Ekwansodwodwo show on Okay Fm, Abeiku said … “A week ago, I spoke my mind. I Abeiku Santana, I spoke my mind with regard to the sentence of two guys. Who were working at Pizzaman, for stealing chicken and vegetable cooking oil.

“I stated that the sentence that was emitted to these men was harsh, and I said the owner of Pizzaman was not right for doing that. I apologize to him for what I said, I didn’t say it right, and I am sorry,” he said.

Abeiku Santana

He further explained that he had not considered the impact his words could have on Pizzaman’s business. Also and the challenges that the owner may have been Tacing as an entrepreneur.

“What I said wasn’t thought of carefully and I didn’t think of it in the way that it was someone’s company and the person was hurting.

“So Pizzaman, I am sorry for saying you are not a guy, and I am sorry for saying that you should have found an alternative means to get your money.

“I do not support thievery, and I continue to say that I do not support thievery or condone stealing. However, I didn’t think carefully about your situation and your condition as an entrepreneur,” he added.

Abeiku Santana shows remorse and renders apology

The media mogul concluded his statement by offering an unqualified apology to Pizzaman. Also he acknowledged the importance of considering all sides of a story before making a statement.

“So I want to render an unqualified apology to Pizzaman for anything that I have said that has hurt you. I am very, very sorry, extremely sorry, and I won’t do that again in Jesus’ mighty name,” he added.

During his cameo appearance on last weekend’s edition of United Showbiz, Abeiku refused to apologized when Bulldog asked him to do the needful. He insisted he will never apologise for what he said but upon reflection he has changed his stance.

Source: sammykaymedia.com

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