The hardworking amputated hawker, Daniel Noi Borketey, keeps receiving countless gift after his interview with blogger Sammy Kay.

Daniel’s plea for help has fallen on good ears and has since been overwhelmed with kindness from all walks of life.

The very latest donation to the amputated hawker is a brand new furniture donated to him by Akenten Furniture. Abeiku Santana made the presentation at the premises of Despite Media.

Akenten Furniture


According to the Chief Executive Officer of Akenten Furniture, he was touched by the amputated hawker‘s story. He stated that the story of Daniel is an inspiring one to all. He indicated that, Daniel’s story clearly shows that no matter your situation, you can still do something for yourself.

Amputated hawker narrates how he became an amputee

Daniel thanked Akenten Furniture for their gesture. Also, he added that although he was just doing something to put food on his table, he never imagined himself blessed this way.

He explained that he was not born amputated. Rather, due to an expired injection he received at an early age of 5 years, he became an amputee.

Other Donations to Amputated Hawker

The Chief Executive Officer of Endpoint Homeopathic Clinic, Dr. Adu Boateng and many others have extended support to Daniel, the amputated water seller.

The amputated man has received several support and donations from people after his interview with Sammy Kay. He first received a freezer and cash from some kind people.

Abeiku Santana together Awake Purified Mineral Water then donated 50 packs of bottled water to support him.

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