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Akuapem Queen Mothers sends strong warning to Akuapem Poloo

A group of Queen mothers on the land of the Akuapems  have reiterated that the Mampong Akuapem Apesemakahene, Nana Yirenkyi I,  was right to tell Rosemond Brown to stop using the name ‘Akuapem’.

According to the Queen mothers, Rosemond brown is tarnishing the image of the Akuapem Stool and it’s people hence the need for her to  stop using the name. They added that the “Apesemakahene of Mampong” Nana Yirenkyi had officially reported the matter to them and  have since taken the initiative to advise Rosemond Brown to desist from her nudity using the ‘Akuapem’ name on several occasions but she has not heeded to it.


“Akuapem Krontihemaa” and the President of Akuapem  Queen Mothers Nana Oye 11 speaking to Journalist said the Akuapems have a good name hence, they will not sit aloof for one individual to tarnish their image. She added, they have asked Rosemond Brown to prove to them whether she is an Akuapem and from Akuapem but she has turned a deaf ear to them.

Nana Oye 11 ended by saying, Ghanians should note that a real Akuapem will not behave the way Akuapem Poloo has been conducting herself and cautioned the young ones not to emulate her ways.

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