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Get use to Ghana time and you’re good to go – HE Annie Sophie Avè

French Ambassador in charge of Public Diplomacy in Africa, Anne Sophie Avè has spoken about Ghana’s famous “Ghana man time”.

The “Ghana man time” is a poor behavioural time management by Ghanaians. Most  Ghanaians have normalised lateness and  find nothing wrong with it. Unlike other countries where time management is very important, Ghana is an exception.

Speaking in an interview with SammyKay, the former France ambassador to Ghana said if you get use to Ghana time, you will be okay living here.

According to Anne Sophie, she used to be punctual at events but she then realised there was the Ghana time and real time.

In as much as she felt bad about the cultural shock, that wouldn’t change, hence she got used to it as an expatriate. Anne however indicated that after that realisation she followed the bandwagon especially when it comes to attending events.

Events in Ghana usually starts late. Mainly because people who patronise these events do not turned up early. In some cases, organisers delay the events. Hence, the late start to most events in Ghana.

That notwithstanding, Anne revealed that such behaviour is not peculiar to only Ghanaians. She said it is sometimes also experienced outside the shores of Ghana, just that in the case of Ghana it is quiet extreme.

She however indicated during the interview the narrative can change for the better.

Anne Sophie Avè to grace laugh for a cause comedy show

As the founder of The Akosua Fund, Anne Sophie Avè revealed that come Friday, 17th March 2023, something different will happen. Together with the Nyansapo production the laugh for a cause will take place at the National theatre at 7:00pm prompt.

Anne Sophie Avè

Proceeds and funds raised from this event  is aim at supporting projects for the children and youth. Especially at communities where she has been made a Queen mother.

Kindly grab your ticket now and support a good cause.

Watch full interview below:

Source: sammykaymedia.com

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