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Video: You don’t need an invitation to apply for visa, ask for reasons so you can appeal if you’re bounced – Anne Sophie explains

Former France ambassador to Ghana, Anne Sophie Avè has disclosed that you don’t need invitation before you apply for visa. Neither do you need an invitation to travel outside Ghana, especially to France.

Anne Sophie

Speaking in an interview with Sammy Kay, Anne Sophie explained the requirements needed. According to her, if you want to travel to France, all that is needed is providing all the relevant documents.

She stated that you don’t have to make up stories when you want to travel. But rather, you will have to state your actual motive for your trip. In that way, the consulate will see your real reason for embarking on the trip.

She however indicated that France is a country noted for tourism. Hence, there is no point to state otherwise if you really want to visit as a tourist. Additionally, she said that you don’t need invitation if you have family or friends in France. All you have to do is to provide the requisite information of whom you are visiting.

Also, during the interview the France Ambassador for Public Diplomacy in Africa touched on bounced visas and related issues. The French Diplomat revealed that, you can always ask why your visa application was not granted. She said if you are sure you provided all the right information and documents you can always ask why you have been bounced. In that way, you will be able to identify and know where you felt short.

Watch full video below:

Source: sammykaymedia.com

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