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Atlantic Catering & Logistics Limited introduces door-to-door delivery and 28-footer trailer kitchen on-the-go

Ghana’s leading food and beverage company, Atlantic Catering & Logistics Limited, has just introduced 2 new packages to their line of services.

The company has introduced door-to-door delivery services from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Making it more simple and extra convenient, a tech savvy platform has been created for clients to directly order meals of their choice. By simply clicking on this link (, it takes you straight to their official ordering page where you can directly order your meals and have it delivered within Accra and Tema at a very affordable price with top-notch cuisine standards. Most exciting is their eco-friendly packaging!!!!

Also introduced by the company is their new posh 28-footer mobile trailer which does catering services on-the-go for clients. No matter the event or location, trust Atlantic Catering & Logistics Limited to feed everyone there. Simply go ahead and connect with them for special packages introduced for this festive season.

About Atlantic Catering & Logistics Limited
Atlantic Catering and Logistics Limited (ACLL) is a wholly-owned Ghanaian company established in 2014 to provide specialized catering and logistics services for corporations including onshore and offshore operations, camp management, ship and store supplies, laundry, housekeeping and janitorial services as well as large scale events for private individuals.

ACLL provides quality, nutritious, and hygienically-prepared meals and offer an array of services to its clients and partners. With a vision to lead the hospitality and food industry in Africa and beyond, ACLL strives to exceed industry standards of quality, reliability, excellence, and creativity in its product and service delivery. The company’s goal is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, by submitting every aspect of the production process to stringent quality checks in line with ACLL’s Integrated Management Systems Program.

Certified by International Standardization Organization (ISO) for Environmental Management and Systems, Occupational Health & Safety and Food Safety Management Systems ensures that every aspect of its processes from procurement to storage to production is subject to the highest standards in cleanliness and food management.

At Atlantic, it’s not just about doing business, our commitment is to do business the right way!

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