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Audio:The media lacks common sense – Tinny

This past few days have witnessed some prominent Ghanaians in society contracting the novel Covid-19. Rapper Tinny was amongst the few names put out there in the media for contracting the virus.

He has since released a press statement to debunked the assertion by the media that he has contracted the virus. Tinny followed up with a phone interview with Doctor Can on Happy Fm showbiz xtra to further clear the misinformation about his status to Ghanaians.

During the interview monitored by Sammykaymedia.com, Tinny reiterated he has not contracted any Covid-19 hence the report out there in the media is false. He was baffled with the fact that the media could not cross check their facts rightly before putting up malicious stories about him.

He said the media landscape in Ghana lacks common sense because they are always in a haste to publish negative news without verifying from the right source.

A very furious Tinny later stated that, all those who said he has Covid-19 are the ones going to contract the virus.

Listen to full audio below:

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