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Video: Shatta Wale’s name was taken from list of performers in a festival in Holland because … – Berima Amo

Amsterdam based Ghanaian singer, bandleader, trumpeter, composer and sound engineer, Berima Amo has elaborated on some of the our music industry face.

Speaking in an interview with Sammy Kay, the multi-talented musician, stated that the training he had at John-Teye school made him grounded and solid. Hence, his exploit in Europe and the Americas.

Berima Amo

When asked about why his music is not really known here in Ghana. Berima Amo indicated his kind music is different from what we like here in Ghana. He added by saying that the kind of music Ghanaians like here is not really accepted out there and vice versa.

He however, delved into the issue of Ghanaians lack of appreciation for hi-life music.

According to him, the gate keepers of the Ghanaian music industry are just talkatives. A phenomenon that should stop, because gate keepers also, put in some work for musician.

He stated that because we do not like our own hi-life music, Nigerian have adopted the genre and morphed it into Afrobeats.

Berima commended Nigerian gatekeepers for their networking prowess around the world. And also, commended their musicians for their humbleness and aggressiveness used in pushing their craft. He indicated that, Ghanaians can emulate Nigerians to also make it big outside Ghana.

Citing example, Berima Amo during the interview, recalled that when Shatta Wale’s song “I know my level” won the Hi-life song of the year at the VGMAs, he made a recommendation for him to be considered for a hi-life festival in Holland. But, during the meeting in Holland, organisers of a festival had difficulties. Because, Shatta himself did not consider himself a hi-life musician. Hence was not billed to perform.

Despite his submission, he said Ghanaians like hi-life music but does not reflect in the media.

Watch video below:

Source: sammykaymedia.com

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