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Clemento Suarez opens up on his 5 children with different mothers

Popular Ghanaian comedian, Clemento Suarez has revealed that he has five children with different women.

The comic actor made the disclosure during an interview with Sammy Kay. According to him, he is not that young hence no one should be surprised about the number of children he has. Clemento Suarez indicated that out the five kids, two of them are girls whereas the remaining three are boys.

He also stated that he has twin children from the five. Suarez went further to say that some of the kids are with his parent. The talented actor during the interview indicated that he not a wealthy person but very much okay.

Clemento Suarez

Clemento Suarez touches on the state of Ghana comedy

Suarez explained the extent at which the comedy industry have improved over the years. He said a few years ago, Ghanaian comedians were not as competitive but the story has changed. Clemento cited the example of how even Ghanaian tik-tokers are creating comedy content on the app. According to him, this shows the potential of the comedy industry.

As one of the top comic acts in Ghana, he said Ghanaians should understand that comedy comes in different forms. Hence, people should appreciate that and not box every one into one bracket.

Clemento Suarez touched on the disunity in the comedy fraternity.  He said there are issues within the industry but that is normal because humans are involved.

That notwithstanding,  he explained that the unity of purpose sometimes displayed by comedians are deceptive. The comic actor said that sometimes on platforms and during interviews they appear very united. Yet, there are bickering amongst them.

He however said that he prefers the narrative of a united front so the bickering can be done closed doors.

Clemento said that as one of the lead figures, he said he serves as a bridge to all comedians. Therefore when issues arise, he is able to help in solving it.

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Source: sammykaymedia.com


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