It’s logically right to have sex before marriage – Relationship Expert

A counselor and relationship expert, Mr. Daniel Fenyi, has entered the debate surrounding premarital sex, stating that it is not necessarily wrong to engage in sexual intercourse with a partner before marriage, from a logical or idealistic standpoint.

Mr. Fenyi made his remarks during a virtual discussion with members of the Ghana Universities Journal regarding the balance between career and relationships.

During the discussion, Reverend Regina Boakye offered a contrasting view, stating that engaging in sexual activities before marriage is Biblically wrong.

Daniel Fenyi

Despite this, Mr. Fenyi argued that it is important to have sex before marriage in order to know a partner’s sexual health status comprehensively.

“Although it is morally and spiritually not right, it is logically important to engage in sex before marriage to comprehensively know your partner’s sexual health status”, he said.

Mr. Fenyi emphasized that it takes both partners to get to know each other well, making it essential to engage in sexual activities before marriage.

However, he also stressed the importance of being responsible for one’s sexual health to avoid negative outcomes such as sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition, Daniel Fenyi advised individuals to focus on their strengths in their career and make the most of the things that others praise or commend them for.

He also urged young people to avoid negative social media advice and to explore the many benefits available on the internet.

The Ghana Universities Journal is a group of tertiary students who engage with industry players, stakeholders, and the government to provide constructive criticism and solutions to benefit their generation.

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