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Video: Musicians career die faster in Ghana than it should grow – Darko Vibes explains

Ghanaian musician and songwriter, Darko Vibes has reiterated the need for why the Ghanaian music industry to be a collective agenda.

Speaking in an interview with Sammy Kay on the Go online show, the talented musician said the agenda for pushing Ghanaian music should be aggressive and intentional. He cited the example of how Nigeria has a policy and an agenda of pushing their music to the world. The Afro beats singer disclosed that this is a deliberate effort to make make them stay top.

According to him, despite been grateful for what doing music has added to his life, Ghana music industry is full of struggles unlike Nigeria.

Also, the Je M’apelle hitmaker stated that here in Ghana, musicians career die faster than they grow. He lamented on how the music space in Ghana  full of struggles without proper structures.

He explained that when a musician attain a certain height in his or her career, the growth patern becomes stagnant. There is no further growth to break barriers globally hence they ‘die’ with all the potentials and talents.

He however advised that as the music industry is a growing one in Ghana, the media support should not be lackadaisical. Rather, the media should promote Ghanaian musician and Ghana music as a national agenda.  Doing this in opinion will go a long way to contribute to the desired music industry musicians are craving for.

Darko Vibes
Darko Vibes

On April 9, 2023, Darko Vibes together with his team and colleague musicians will light up Mallam Gbawe with his free maiden concert at his ‘hood’ dubbed Easter Evasion concert.

Watch video below:

Source: sammykaymedia.com

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