Video: Drunkards Association of Ghana begs Nana Addo to initiative double tracking system at drinking bars

The President of the Drunkards Association of Ghana in an interview on JoyNews has stated that drunkards should be running a double track system to enable them observe the social distancing protocols at drinking bars.

As sighted by sammykaymedia.com, the Drunkards President stated that through its association, leadership can issue cards to its members to make them know their exact time to visit drinking spots and bars.

He added, the double track system can be effectively implemented by the association, and by so doing, the green track members can visit bars in the morning to “booze” whereas the gold track can do theirs in the evening, this plan he said would enable them observe the social distancing protocols in order not to contract the Covid-19.

He finally sent a plea to benevolent individuals and government to come to their aid by providing them with PPE’s to protect themselves. He explained that they are easily embraced by people at the spot hence the need for the PPE’s to protect themselves.

Watch video below:

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