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Every true Christian drinks alcohol – GIHOC Boss Kofi Jumah asserts

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GIHOC Distilleries, Maxwell Kofi Jumah, has claimed that every true Christian drinks alcohol.

He explained that alcohol was bequeathed to Christians by Jesus Christ after the last supper with his disciples.

“Jesus Christ at the last supper as written in the gospel, asked his disciples to drink wine to remember him so no Christian can claim he or she does not drink alcohol,” he said in an interview on Accra-based Okay FM.

Mr Jumah was, however, quick to add that, he [Jesus] “did not say drink to booze but drink to remember him.”

The GIHOC boss also dismissed the argument that there is alcoholic and non-alcoholic wine.

“There is nothing in this world called non-alcoholic wine. If it is non-alcoholic wine, then it is called fruit juice; so, don’t pollute the minds of people,” Mr Jumah stressed.


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