Fimy Baby sets to drop first EP

Budding musician, Fimy Baby is set to drop her first Ep “stronger than pain” which consists of 5 track. Thus; 1. Soul out. 2. Best of life. 3.Red light ft Rebirth
4.Believe me. 5. La Vida loca

Fimy Baby links up with nollywood actor Charles Okocha who in a video told people to stay tuned for Fimy Baby’s EP.

Couple of fans reacted to Fimy Baby’s recent instagram posts and captions which seem to them as though Fimy Baby is no longer her usual self. Some believe that she has sold her soul.

On her recent post on Instagram, she was seen with a pot and her eyes closed as if someone who just got initiated.

Fimy Baby


On her questions time on Instagram, fans inquired if she had sold her soul. Which is also her first track on the EP titled “Soul out”.

Fimy Baby

Whereas some fans have expressed worry over the visuals, Fimy keeps on making fun of the questions asked by her fans.

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