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FREE ENTRY: Attend Ghana’s Finest Fridays @ The Movenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra This And Every Friday

Friends and family can now hobnob at the plush Mövenpick Hotel and Resort (Ambassador Hotel) this and every Friday after straight five days of hustling and bustling for bread.

Tourism promotion is a combination of key elements finely tuned and key personalities who are in tune with culture, hospitality, trends, enjoyment, spending patterns of the well-to-do and upwardly mobile, and the needs of today’s cosmopolitan tourists from all around the world.

Good hotels and restaurants are vital. Good infrastructure and places to visit are necessary but without competent and hospitable service professionals to deliver great service, and finger-on-the pulse producers and creatives to curate the attractions and events to entertain local and international tourists, the scene just fades to unexciting and mundane.

This is why the brand Ghana’s Finest Fridays @ The Mövenpick is a master stroke in Ghana’s re-energized drive for tourism promotion.

This coming Friday after the elections promises to be a big party for Ghanaians and the peace we so proudly maintain.

Ghana’s Finest Fridays at the Movenpick has become the biggest, unique tourism event that offers the right ambience for businessmen and women, investors, professionals, creatives, tourists and their guests to enjoy great music under the stars by the pool, drink, dine and dance in lovely company.

The 5-star events powered by The Finest! Productions are the classiest jams in Ghana this and every Friday with free entry for you and your guests.

The party-jammers, however, start their weekend by trooping in with pizazz from 10:30pm.

We can’t get enough of the excellent, eloquent host, the great music mixes from blazing Afro Beats, Hip life, Hip hop, Highlife, R&B, Zouk, House, Soukous & Salsa to the coolest Old School in lovely company.

All Covid-19 protocols are observed.

At this gathering of the famous, the beautiful, the rich and the powerful looking to have a good time, pre-booking a table is good to ensure top-notch seating. celebrate the joy of life.

Reserve a table for your group on 0246 365 934 or 0208 200 500 or just turn up and our professional hospitality team will welcome you with smiles.

The Brain Behind The Finest Productions

King Kwasi Kyei Darkwah is the Chief Executive Officer of The Finest Media, Brands & Culture Ltd, and Heritage Apparel. He is founder of The Kyei Darkwah Culture & Communication Foundation- a not-for-profit organization for training and mentorship in the Arts, Culture & Tourism, Etiquette & Public Communication.

King is a consummate media professional; a multiple award-winning broadcaster, communications director, style icon, master of ceremonies, talk show host, television, documentary and commercials producer, creative director, speech and etiquette coach, writer, and culture and tourism promoter. He is introduced with his monikers His Royal Blackness, The Master Communicator and KKD The Finest (his acronym & descriptor of his style & swagger from work in television, live events & radio).

Darkwah’s brand is best known for 3 Es: Excellence, Eloquence and Elegance. He has beenat the forefront of promoting shows, brands and Ghana’s Arts, Culture and Tourism for well over two decades. At the Finest Media, Brands & Culture Ltd, he leads his sharp team to organize and produce parties, conferences and special events, and to strategize, launch and market luxury brands, financial products and fast-moving commercial goods.

His flair is buttressed in a sound education in his line of work: a Master of Arts Degree in Audio-Visual Production (Film & Television) from London Metropolitan University, Diploma in Journalism from Ghana Institute of Journalism, and Certificates in Marketing Management from Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, Production and Cost Management from the Association of Overseas Technical Scholarship of Japan, & Delivering Learning to Adults from Westminster Adult Education Service, UK.

Born in Tema, Ghana into the Adansi Royal Family, he honed his skills in customer service, hospitality and entertainment in his parents’ Jatokrom Hotel & Restaurant, Big Daddy’s Palace Night Club, and music promotion business before joining the national broadcaster GBC at age 19. He captured the imagination of the nation with his unique style in verbal and visual presentation, deep knowledge of the Arts and Culture, and his insights, fluency and dexterity.

KKD The Finest won the Best Radio Presenter Award twice as well as the African Disc Jockey Champion Award early in his media career. More awards in Media, Marketing & Culture Promotion followed. The left-handed icon’s honours include Best-Dressed Personality in the Ghana Event Awards of September 2018, Our Living Legend Award in November 2013 at the youth-oriented MTN 4Syte Music Video Awards.


Lifetime Achievement Award from the Musicians Union of Ghana in February 2013 for his immense contribution to Broadcasting & Entertainment; the Tema Excellence Award in December 2012 for his work in Media, Arts and Culture Promotion; the Ghana UK-based Achievement Award 2012 (GUBA) for his contribution to Media, Brand Management and Entertainment, and Outstanding performer in Marketing at ABC Brewery Limited in 1993.

Whether creating and placing brand campaigns as Advertising and Promotions Manager at ABC Brewery Limited, attracting and retaining clients as Account Manager, Corporate Healthcare at Gissings Consultancy Services or leading the communications drive and stakeholder relations as Director of Public Affairs and Communications at the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, he brings his hard work, leadership by example and affable personality to bear on his team and clients.

Whilst studying Journalism, Public Relations & Advertising, he built his brand working as a presenter /show producer and host at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation before going on to professional attachments with CNN, Fox Children’s TV Network, VOA, LA Weekly and other US media houses courtesy of the USIS’ Young African Leaders Programme for outstanding mass communicators.


He then started his eponymous national TV show KKD 45, created memorable and rewarding advertising campaigns for numerous brands and produced various corporate events, music concerts, fashion shows and festivals before moving to the UK to obtain a Master of Arts Degree in Film & Television Production.

His Royal Blackness KKD The Finest is committed to uplifting media practice, and culture and tourism planning, management and marketing in Africa to attract tourism inflows and custom from all over the world. His roles in the building and advancement of numerous Ghanaian brands is immense.

Through his copy-writing and creative direction, memorable slogans and by-lines for numerous brands have been created. These include ABC- (A Better Choice for sure), Miss Ghana (Anokwa mo mma ye nka na Ghana mmaa ho 33f3), Labadi Beach Hotel (Ghana’s first 5-Star Hotel), St Ossei Studio’s Brass; (No jazz, just class), National Dance Championship (The double do is here again; for each contestant a prize to gain), Nayak- (Wo be ku me), Moda- (for Leather), Adeva- (Look Sharp), PMMC- (Jewellery for your Fantasy) and the Ghana Tourist Board’s Meet Me There, Nayak Afrik: (Culture, Dignity, Classic) & GoldenTree Chocolate: (Healthy, Tasty, Daily).

Darkwah was appointed The Face and Voice for the Say No To Drugs campaign in 1990, the Nayak fashion brand in 1990, the voice for the National Dance Championship and Miss Ghana campaign in 1991, Krings Fruit Juice in 1996, Ambassador for Her Majesty’s Revenue and

Customs’ (HMRC) campaign against illegal food imports into Europe from Africa in 2008. Since 2014 and 2016 he has served as Brand Ambassador for fashion brands Mudi Africa & Ultimate Fashion respectively. has served as an Adjudicator – International Acts for the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards.

His unique presentation of The African Music Festivals, Miss Ghana Beauty Pageants, Pan-African Festivals, major fashion revues, Ghana Tourism Awards, Ghana Music Awards, Bands Alive, Valentine Specials, and a host of radio and television shows, product launches and cultural events help set him apart from his many proteges and emulators as well as imitators. As television judge and mentor, he has helped groom talent on the shows Project Fame, Ghana’s Most Beautiful, and Hottest Host.

His love for tradition, culture and tourism inspired him to produce, promote and present events at regional festivals including Aboakyer, Homowo, Fetu, Hogbetsotso, Kundum and Asafotufiam to attract and entertain tourists.

Darkwah’s career has benefited from professional training and workshops in Public Affairs, Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility at the Coca Cola Headquarters, Atlanta; Launching new products, Market Penetration at Afri Cola, AMS Hamburg & Heineken Germany; Producing & Marketing Television Programmes- Fox Children’s Television Network.

Media Participation in Conflict Resolution- Martin Luther King Jnr Centre for non-violent Social Change; Coverage of World Events and Reporting the Arts- CNN World Report & Showbiz Today, VOA, Columbia State University & Howard University; Advertising & Public Relations, Marketing, Branding, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication, Syracuse University, Eric Morley and Associates.

Collaborating with American professional counterparts, United States Information Agency, US State Department, Adelphi International; News gathering, Agenda setting- LA Times, L A Weekly; Producing shows for live telecast- Alice Evenements, Paris; Importance of manufacturing in the local community, Coca Cola, Atlanta, Indian Pueblo Cultural Centre, Albuquerque etc.

He also holds Certificates in Hotel Management from Ghana Tourist Board, and Essential Marketing Skills from Price Waterhouse.

An enthusiastic learner and gifted trainer, he is passionate about mentoring, and has delivered learning on Culture and Media at the School of Oriental and African Studies; Producing and Presenting for TV and Radio as part of the British Council’s Creative Enterprise series, and Policy for Developing the Creative Industries at Ghana’s National Policy Fair 2012.

Notable among his public addresses is his insightful speech at the World Bank Knowledge Space on ‘The role of the Journalist in Getting Entertainment right in Ghana’, and master classes to budding actors and film-makers on ‘The future of African Film’ at the Ghallywood Acting & Film Village.

Darkwah delivers corporate training for management and staff in branding and marketing. customer service and hospitality, work attire and presentation skills. KKD The Finest has served as resource person for Ghana Television’s broadcast series on personal branding, and BET International’s Mad Swagg- programme on personal style and branding to a global audience.

As the foremost host of Ghana’s showbiz, fashion and design shows, he is credited with bringing style and fashion to the fore on television and into Ghana’s public entertainment domain. The Finest made history when he became the first Ghanaian to win the Africa Disc Jockey Championship. He is also the first show host to fill Ghana’s National Theatre to capacity. Enjoy his style, rhyme and reason on social media at https://instagram.com/hisroyalblacknesskkd?igshid=wvilabucfvxg

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