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Ghanaian leaders urged to invest in the youth to contribute their quota to National Development

The foundation of Ghana is built on the rock of service, patriotism and empowering others to hold up and do it! It is on this trailblazing achievement that our nation has a solid thriving foundation of empowered youth, bound to achieve success for the present and posterity.

A lot of young Ghanaians have strong passions and amazing ideas that can positively contribute to national development. Unfortunately there is minimal or zero support for such initiatives to materialize.

I wish to highly commend Ghana’s Tourism Ministry under the leadership of Hon Barbara Oteng Gyasi, for their relentless effort in pushing young zealous Ghanaians who are striving tirelessly to promote the country at the international level through competitions.

Having been a beneficiary of such support myself, I have been privileged to promote Ghana’s tourism on the international front. I have had the rare opportunity of holding the prestigious title as Miss Grand Prix United Nations 2020, after representing my Ghana at the United Nations World pageant in India. With such an opportunity, I have been able to contribute in my own ways, to promoting the Sustainable Development Goals, which are a global footprint for development.

As a queen and an enterprising youth, my voice and platform are the major tools I use, to encourage and help equally young zealous persons, to get the help they need in the best way I can. We have a lot to offer the World as youth, and the World must hear us. To our leaders; If we invest in the young, the impact tree grows and everyone gets a fair share of opportunities, one at a time. I urge government agencies and corporate institutions, to support young persons who have the desire and readiness to contribute to development and change the narrative of the African continent.


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