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Gloria Sarfo shares photos to confirm she is married…

Ghanaian actress and brand influencer Gloria Sarfo has cryptically announced that she’s married. Her announcement which was made on April 1, 2023 has generated some buzz under her comnent section.

Whereas some netizens have casted doubt about the truth in her announcement, some have congratulated her. Since today Saturday 1st April happens to be a day for pranks and jokes many are finding it difficult to accept. Also, others feel it could be one of those social media pranks to get attention.

Gloria Sarfo in her post shared on Instagram was not direct but rather decided to go cryptic. One has to decode the post and connect the dots to make the assumption of whether she is married or not.

In her post accompanied with pictures, she wrote … “In His TIME… He makes all things GOLD AND DIAMONDS..HAPPY NEW MONTH World”

Time will only tell if indeed the “Efiewura” actress is married or she just pranked us on April Fool’s day.

A couple years ago, Gloria Sarfo was in the news after a similar announcement like this. She came out to announce that she is in an intimate relationship with actor, Mikki Osei Berko.

She wrote … “I never thought that I would finally settle down with someone within my industry/field, little did I know that pure love lives there????????. I have never been this happier and secured❤????My all, my life, my honorable, my everything @dadaboatgh.. Love lives here????????…Love your life and Stay safe guys????
Good morning ????????????”

Gloria Sarfo
Gloria Sarfo

After some weeks later, the screen goddess came out to state that it was just used for a commercial.

Gloria Sarfo

In view of this, many have become sceptical but, Congratulations are in order for the beautiful actress.

Source: sammykaymedia.com

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