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Goodies makes a comeback

After some time in hibernation, Goodies Music is promising a massive comeback. This time, with a big bang to celebrate 20 years of an eventful existence.

Goodies Music, a household name in Ghana and Africa can confidently say it has paid its dues as a renowned record label that has exhibited flawless hard work and tenacity for approximately 20 years (from 2000-2020).

Now, Goodies Music is undergoing a rebirth that will see it rebrand to Goodies Music International (GMI). This renaissance will be marked with colourful performances at the beautiful Golden Tulip Hotel and the Laboma Beach Resort.

The rebranding event, themed: “Cruising@20 (20th Anniversary celebration of Goodies Music), would be heralded by an official launch of its new brand identity and shall be spiced with live performances from the crème de la crème of authentic classic Ghanaian musicians, many of whom shot to fame on the wings of Goodies Music.

This rebirth is a consolidation of a good working relationship with some international record labels such as Reymond Entertainment (HOLLAND), Base Management (UNITED KINGDOM), Alordia Promotion (UNITED KINGDOM), Kennis Music (NIGERIA). The re-emergence of GMI is also as a result of other working relationships brokered recently with some more reputable international record labels, which will be acknowledged during the launch.

Goodies Music International is now headquartered in Belgium, even though it is also well-grounded in Ghana, it is legally registered as a bonafide Record Label in Belgium.

“Our goal is to attain global recognition and international market appeal for our artiste and our music. Thus, the intellectual properties of our artiste would be released and potentially registered not only in Ghana but in Belgium as well,” says goodies in explanation to its strategic positioning.

“This will offer us the opportunity to get registered and connected to world renowned and authoritative Music royalty collection societies such as SABAM in Belgium which jointly administer and protect mechanical and performing rights with other effective organizations like GEMA (Germany), SACEM (France) and JASRAC (Japan).”

With this new consolidation, Goodies Music International can currently boast of new state-of-the-art recording studios in Ghana, Belgium and in the United States of America (USA).

This essentially means that all of GMI’s productions would initially be programmed and recorded in Ghana, but will finally go through different stages of mixing and mastering in Belgium or in the USA with the state-of-the-art facilities in those countries.

“In this regard, the services of different professional Sound Engineers songwriters, song composers and arrangers would be engaged at various stages of the recording process to ensure sound boost and clarity so as to befit the international sound quality standards,” says a statement from GMI.

GMI’s core business will be to leverage on its international connections to provide specialized artiste management services that will include: Sound recordings and music videos, marketing, promotion and distribution, organizing events and arranging local and international concerts.

GMI’s other operational areas covers Gigs and tours for artistes under its label, coordinating partnerships and collaborations with influential international artiste and Record Labels and conducting talent scouting and development of new artiste.

Twenty years ago, Goodies Music Production, now Goodies Music International (GMI), journeyed through a stretch of swampy and foggy terrain in a challenging Ghanaian music industry.

Yet, this bold and determined record label trudged on by working relentlessly to produce and manage artists who made hits in Ghana and have now transitioned into superstar status.

Despite the hassles, Goodies Music managed to secure deals with local and international artiste who eventually topped music charts and won awards in numerous countries across the globe.

Notable among these artists are:

JULIE ENDEE of Liberia

2006 – Scenti noo
2005 – Apuskeleke

TIC TAC (The most wanted)
2005 – Kwani Kwani
Fefe na efe ft. Tony Tetula
Angela ft. VIP
Wope ft. Freddy Meiway

2005 – I’m in Love ft. Castro

2005 – MY Love, Ft. 2face Idibia
I do, Ft. Afro Moses
2003 – Ahomka Womu and Besin
2001 – Daben Na Odo benba
(Lumbe Lumbe Lumbe)

2001 – Yere Som Sika Album with Hit track Odo Wo Akomam


2000- Polom Palam Ft.
Chizar and Shasha Marley

1999- Ye Gu Nsa

Goodies was not all about business, it took corporate social responsibility as seriously as its artists’ management. In 2001, Goodies Music, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health in Ghana, organised a 30-DAY NATIONWIDE HIV/AIDS AWARENESS CONCERT. The concert, a successful one, featured SHASHA MARLEY, VIP, SIDNEY, TINKO, A PLUS, ARAZ, LYRICAL 419, among others.

By 2003 Goodies had become a well-known brand that was chalking awards such as the Youth Excellence Awards as the Best Youth Organizer.

During the occasion of the 3rd Annual Ghana Music Awards organized in the United Kingdom in 2005, Goodies Music won the Best Record Label award ahead of other nominees.

GMI believes that the successes of a good life is not only celebrated but re-lived. Thus, numerous mouth-watering record deals are far advanced in signing and recording both local and international top-grade and budding young artiste.

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