The managing director of the foundation (GFF) speaking to the media on the post the electoral debate, he explained that an idea for societal resilience implies a passion for safeguarding life.

It is motivating enough that the nonprofit making organization like ours (GFF) sparks up societal benefiting programs such as the Electoral Debate organized.

The debate was historic and always going to be in the minds of people and the good books of Prestea Huni – Valley municipality. In his speech, he made an important remark that politics is an opportunity to serve and not entrepreneurial venture.

He said the foundation does not do politics but champion Green Campaign. Nevertheless, it was realized that the Covid 19’ had affected the political campaign architecture. In effect, many electorates may not have the chance to hearing and analyzing the respective visions of the Parliamentary Candidates competing to represent the constituency in parliament post-Election 2020.

This platform is purposeful and in the interest of all, especially for electorates to be informed about respective policies in place by Parliamentary Candidates when mandated to serve as a Member of Parliament.

Mr. Yiwo Ebenezer acknowledged all who were present to Grace the occasion especially the Members of Parliament for their respect for the electorates.

Many of the electorates applauded for the efforts in voluntarily building the platform that has helped their decisions as the election 2020 polls draws nigh. The foundation used the opportunity to pledge for Peace around the spheres of our election.

According to the moderator of the occasion Mr. Kuntu Blankson, who is the head of National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in the Prestea Huni Valley Municipality; he said Green Fortland Foundation demands a glorious commendation for the inspiration to organize such a decorous debate which in effect has benefitted the populace. Such efforts and collaboration makes the work of the NCCE easier and expressive.

The Youth Parliament also highlighted that the debate has been fruitful and assuring enough especially for the Oath of Peace signed by all the political parties and their parliamentary candidates who were present and participated. Kind courtesy Green Fortland Foundation (GFF) a milestone has been accomplished.

Many more stake holders like Assembly Members, National Youth Employment (NYE) and Ghana Education Service (GES) officials congratulated the foundation for a successful delivery most importantly, when all electorates have heard with deeper understanding of the Parliamentary aspirant’s visions for the constituency.

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