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KGenius becomes first Jamaican artiste to record a Twi Song

Great feat and an enormous success has been choked by Jamaican artiste KGenius. He has become the first Jamaican artiste to record a song in Twi titled “Revolution” which makes him a true “Genius”.

The groovy and conscious roots healing track was released on Monday, 20th April, 2020. The question lingering on many who have listened to the song is why would a Jamaican record a song in Twi. Well, his inspiration was driven upon seing how the the Ghanaian people kept moving despite the hardships they’re facing by the system that was designed to keep them down; the people gave him hope and inspiration when he was in Ghana as part of the year of return, last year 2019 hence his decision.

Kirk Gammon decided to sing in Twi because it was important  to make the effort to especially flow the native Ghana tongue , speaking to Ghanaians all over the world in order to get his message across clearly so that everyone would be in one accord hearing the message that needed to be relayed.

The Jahboyz Production artiste is a reggae vocalist and guitarist originally hailing from St. Catherine, Jamaica. With over 10 years of industry experience playing across the US and abroad, KGenius is fast becoming a highly sought after artist in the reggae circuit. Through his music, he looks to uplift spirits, hearts and minds.

Listen to song below.

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