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Kaninja finally reveals what caused his divorce from Xandy Kamel

Ex-husband of Xandy Kamel, King Kaninja has for the first time revealed what caused their divorce.

Xandy Kamel after her divorce with the sports presenter has said infidelity was one of the reason for their breakup.

King Kaninja

In the past couple of days also, Xandy in an explosive interview with Delay, revealed deep secrets of her break up in an interview. She said King Kaninja abused and body shamed her infront of his family and friends.

But King Kaninja is not taking that anymore. He responded to the allegations in a post via his instagram page. He indicated that Delay can’t claim holiness hence should use her platform to build people and not create enmity among people.

He further dealt with the reason for breaking up with Xandy.

According to him,  Xandy Kamel should tell the world she spent her money on her lesbian partners and not him. He further also indicated that his ex- wife could not lay her matrimonial bed and sweep their room unless her mother does it. Kaninja queried in his post whether that can be a wife.

He advised that Xandy should stop forcing herself on guys and stop deceiving the world.

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King Kaninja

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