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Leila Djansi demands for strict retraction of defamatory words from Kafui Danku

American Ghanaian movie producer and director Leila Djansi is demanding an apology and a retraction from actress Kafui Danku over defamatory statements she made on Facebook.

In a letter served and signed by Obeng-Sakyi Sorlgbodzo & co, the lawyers of Ms Djansi, said the comments were made to tarnish their clients reputation and image in the eyes of members of society and that a grave damage has been occasioned despite her initial apology.

A part of Kafui Danku’s post made on her facebook page on 21st July, 2020 reads ……“I might as well make the whole community aware that you are DANGEROUS…If anybody has warned you to be careful of Leila Djansi, believe them,..”

Even though she later apologized for her statement and said she would have wished to turn back the hands of time for her statement made against Leila, the latter believes her words were false and maliciously calculated to lower her image and degrade her hard earned reputation in the estimation of right thinking members of society hence her demand for Kafui Danku to cause the retraction of the said words from all third party media outlets and blogs.

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