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Video: Shatta Wale can’t beat us, he only wanted to trend – Lookalike fires back

Ghana’s new internet sensations, the celebrities “look-alike” group have clapped back at Shatta Wale. The group chastised Shatta Wale after he issued a strong warning to the them to desist from impersonation celebrities.

These celebrities look-alike are made up of various celebrities including Shatta, Medikal, Kuami Eugene, Mr. Drew and King Promise.

Where as many people have welcomed this new group, there are others who are not happy with their actions.

In recent times, videos have surfaced online where these look alikes are seen performing for money. This phenomenon prompted Medikal’s response.

According to MDK, these new entertainers should not perform in their names for financial gain.

He indicated that if anyone performs his song under the guise of being his look-alike and makes money from it, he will deal with the person.

Hence the same reason, Shatta Wale is also urging these individuals to stop their impersonation antics. Additionally, Wale said that failure on their part to heed to his call for selfish gains will amount to disaster someday.

Responding to Shatta’s call, the King Promise look alike indicated that the SM boss was just jumping on their trend. A usual antic he is known for.

During an interview with Sammy Kay on the Go online show, the group revealed that they are living in danger. And, this is because of the threats and badmouthing they are receiving from celebrities like Shatta and Medikal.

The group added that, due to the threats and vitriolic attacks being meted on them, they will no longer portray themselves as lookalikes.

This notwithstanding, the group reiterated that Wale cannot beat them as claimed in his video.

Watch full video below:

Source: sammykaymedia.com

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