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Food serve in prison has no salt, pepper and maggi – Nhyiraba Kojo

A couple of weeks ago, Sekondi Commercial High Court convicted Popular musician, businesman and owner of NK City Nightclub, Nhyiraba Kojo for contempt of court.

The musician was found guilty of contempt by the court. He was ordered to serve the full 30-day sentence unless he can purge himself of the contempt.

Fast forward, instead of spending 30 days in prison as it was widely reported the popular musician and businessman spent two weeks.

Nhyiraba Kojo

According to him, the court made an order for his release after they found out that he heeded to their call to resolve the noise pollution.

Speaking in an interview with Sammy Kay on the Go online show, Nhyiraba indicated, despite the fact that his prison sentence was a blessing to the inmates, there were also some horrible experience.

He said the food given to the prisoners is bad. But, was quick to acknowledge that it was no fault of the prison cooks or prisoners.

Nhyiraba Kojo explained that the money allocated to a prisoner by the government is just GHC 1.80. A woefully inadequate money therefore prisoners had to survive on what they have been given.

The NK City Nightclub boss said the soup given to prisoners had no salt, no maggi and no pepper. Yet prisoners had no choice than to eat and stay fit to survive. An experience he witnessed and tasted himself.

He also added that the banku served with the tasteless soup to prisoners is as hard as rock. Hence, the need to bite and chew before swallowing.

Watch video below:

Source: sammykaymedia.com

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