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No Parent On Earth Should Be Subjected To Blackmail By Adult Children – HRH Oscar

Businessman, Oscar Yao Doe has taken to his instagram page to uphold Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams in high esteem.

Social media earlier today went frenzy and haywire when the son of the revered minister of God, posted nude images of himself and made some damning remarks about his father.

But as sighted by, the businessman stated that no parent should be held hostage by the actions of their adults children who are above 18 years and as such Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams adult son can’t be an exception.

He asked God to help the ‘young man’ deal with his mental health challenges and added that Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams cannot be held for the actions of his adult son.

Read full post below:

“No Parent Should Be Held Hostage By The Actions Of Their Adult Children Who Are Above The Age Of 18+. No Parent On Earth Should Be Subjected To Blackmail By Children Who Are Older Enough To Take Care Of Themselves. On That Note I Stand Shoulder To Shoulder With Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams Whom I Strongly Believe Is A Great Personality Who Really Cares About People. I Love Him. I Adore Him. Great Soul. May God Help Your Son Deal With His Mental Health Challenges. Archbishop Duncan Williams Cannot Be Held Responsible For The Actions Of An Adult Child. End Of Story.”

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