“Cobra” hitmaker recounts touching story of how she sold pure water to survive prior to her breakthrough

“Cobra” hitmaker and Gospel musician, Obaapa Gladys has recounted her struggles when growing up.

Speaking in an interview with Sammy Kay on the Go online show, she revealed that she had a very difficult childhood.

Obaapa Gladys


According to her she sold pure water amongst other items to survive. She revealed that the negligence of her dad towards her contributed to her struggles when growing up.

Obaapa Gladys during the interview disclosed that she had a great desire for education but dropped out of school early. This was because she had to stay with someone who had promise to care of her education after her father left the mother for another woman.

Due to that, she stated her life was hit with great difficulty which affected her education. And also, the woman she stayed with made matter worse.

But that notwithstanding, she said the Grace of God has been enormous in her life. She also expressed gratitude to God for how far he has brought her, and who she has become today.

Watch full interview below to listen to her inspiring story


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