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Prez Akufo-Addo has plunged Ghanaians into unnecessary confusion, pains, stress & suffering – Oscar Doe asserts

Ghanaian businessman, Oscar Yao Doe in yet another post on his instagram handle has criticized President Nana Akufo Addo for plunging the country into unnecessary confusion, pains, stress and suffering due to the lock down announced yesternight.

According to the businessman, he believes the President should have announced the lock down earlier as speculated then it takes effect from Sunday night or better still as announced last night but effective from Tuesday midnight so people can prepare and adjust accordingly.

His premise was based on the fact that Ghana is not a developed country where people are paid for lock downs.

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If Truly Locked Down Was Needed It’s For The Good of Society? But Most Importantly The Implementation Strategy Should Have Factored And Considered People’s Needs On This Critical Decision Making.

I Believe Akufo Addo Should Have Announced The Locked Down Earlier Probably on Wednesday As Was Been Speculated And Then Effective From Sunday Night, or As ANNOUNCED Last Night But Effective From Tuesday Midnight So People Can Prepare And Adjust Accordingly. But In This Instance’s Nothing Of That Sort. AKUFO ADDO HAS PROVEN ZERO WISDOM,ZERO EMPATHY & ZERO COMPASSION. He Has Rather Plunge Ghanaians Into Unnecessary Confusion, Stress, Pain & Suffering. JUST LIKE THAT WITH PRESIDENTIAL AUTHORITY. BAM. JUST LIKE THAT. NO PARLIAMENTARY SCRUTINY.ZERO.

President Akufo Addo A Leader Whom I Have Always Taught Has Empathy, Kindness, Compassion, Caring? Especially Relating To The Feelings Of What The Ordinary People Are Experiencing Daily Through Hard Hustling In The Market and Workplaces.

I Was Totally Wrong About President Akufo Addo,,I Never Thought Everything About Akufo Addo’s Presidential Ambitions Was Staged Managed Through Joining Human Rights Activism,Apparently His Real Aim Was”The So Called,Danquah-Busia, Ofori-Atta- Akufo-Addo, Political Legacy” BRAHAHA.”

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